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Unlock Prosperity with Capitalgainhub: Your Path to Profitable Investments. Our private investment company prioritizes transparency, tailored strategies, and a client-centric approach for sustainable returns. Partner with us to navigate the financial markets with confidence and achieve your wealth-building goals.


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· Select investment plan and deposit the amount you wish you invest

· Enter payment center on the next page and copy the provided company wallet address on the website

· Paste the company wallet address from the website to your own wallet account to transfer your investment deposit to

· Save screenshot of your deposit and send proof of payment to the company online 24 hours live support chat. Confirmation of deposit takes 15 minutes for cryptocurrency deposits

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You are eligible yo request withdraw anytime that you have income

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Quarterly Financial Highlights

Consolidated Third Quarter Financial Highlights

Consolidated Third Quarter Financial Highlights (1)
(Value in millions, except percent change) Three Months Ended September 30 Nine Months Ended September 30
2022 2021 Change 2022 2021 Change
GAAP Results
Revenue $760.5 $679.5 11.9% $2,207.7 $1,964.3 12.4%
Net cash provided by operating activities (2) $154.0 $200.2 30.0% $561.2 $431.3 30.1%
Non-GAAP Results
Unlevered free cash flow $175.6 $191.3 8.9% $557.9 $492.7 13.2%
Operating Metrics
Total bookings $741.8 $851.0 14.7% $2,567.6 $2,279.1 12.7%
Total customers at period end 19,110 18,267 4.6% 19,110 18,267 4.6%
ARPU $155 $145 7.1% 155 145 7.1%

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Live Prices of your favorite Cryptocurrencies.

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Its been 4 weeks since i joined Capital Gain Hub, i have never missed a payment, i highly recommend this company to investors.

Alex T.London

My greatest joy is joining Capital Gain Hub, this company chnaged my perspective about investments.

Esther M.Spain

This company is the best, this company is the best. My family and I is very thankful to you guys.

Lupe P.Mali

If you need an investment company that has the interest of its clients at heart, then you are at the right place.

Loius G.France

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Access professional research reports, trade on margin, and make bigger instant profits with Capital Gain Hub. Access tools and features such as price movement notifications and customized investment news so you can find the right moment to invest.

Intuitively designed for newcomers and experts alike, Capital Gain Hub gives you a unique opportunity to take advantage of the massive potentials inherent in the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency industry and turn your finances around in a very short space of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Q.

    What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which is based on an open source code that was created and is held electronically. Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency, meaning that it does not belong to any form of government and is not controlled by anyone.

  • Q.

    Who developed Bitcoin?

    The original Bitcoin code was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto under MIT open source credentials. In 2008 Nakamoto outlined the idea behind Bitcoin in his White Paper, which scientifically described how the cryptocurrency would function. Bitcoin is the first successful digital currency designed with trust in cryptography over central authorities. Satoshi left the Bitcoin code in the hands of developers and the community in 2010. Thus far hundreds of developers have added to the core code throughout the years.

  • Q.

    What is Bitcoin Mining?

    Bitcoin mining is analogous to the mining of gold, but its digital form. The process involves specialized computers solving algorithmic equations or hash functions. These problems help miners to confirm blocks of transactions held within the network. Bitcoin mining provides a reward for miners by paying out in Bitcoin in turn the miners confirm transactions on the blockchain. Miners introduce new Bitcoin into the network and also secure the system with transaction confirmation. They are also rewarded network fees for when they harvest new coin and a time when the last bitcoin is found mining will continue.

  • Q.

    How can i sell my Bitcoins?

    Bitcoins can be sold locally using LocalBitcoins, on Bitcoin brokerages / exchanges, using two-way Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTM’s) or you can pay for a good or service with them. Bitcoins can be sold to just about anyone as long as they have a Bitcoin address, and can be sold for any fiat currency in the world or traded for a physical good. Feel free to check out our recommended list of exchanges and brokerage services to sell your bitcoins online.


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